Wednesday, January 2, 2019

My Blogging has moved!

I should have made a post about this a while ago, but I've moved my blogging over to It's a more general purpose blog but there's still gaming content in there.

I've imported all of the posts from this blog into the new blog. I'll be going through and editing the posts here to point to their new home over at the new blog. (In fact I've done it for some of the earliest posts, I'm working my way forward).

I should have made this announcement post ages ago, but it took me a while to get comfortable with the idea of more or less shutting down this blog. I also looked into a few options for trying to just redirect all the links automatically but haven't yet found a solution that works (this may in part be because my domain registrar, Hover, for some reason doesn't support 301 redirects and at least for now switching domain registrars seems like more work than I want to do just now. I may revisit this later). Then once I made the decision I ended up hitting a period of being extraordinarily busy at work, which left me with less time, and generally feeling more drained when I did have time.

Anyway, now you know. Head over to to read my new blog.

It's a hosted blog so you can also find me in the community at @droct, or you can even follow my blog on Mastodon at I'm trying to shift to using my blog as the center of my social media life, so you'll see everything from longer posts about games and other stuff to quick twitter-style thoughts.

This blog never had a lot of followers and I didn't update nearly often enough, but I hope at least a few people who read this one may find the new blog interesting!