Wednesday, August 29, 2012


It is likely still propagating through the internet, but the new URL for the blog is The original url for the blog should redirect anyway, but if you need to update your feeds and/or bookmarks or what have you, there it is.

As a note, I got my domain through (who I'd heard about because they're a sponsor of the Hypercritical podcast which I listen somewhat regularly). and I've been really happy with them as a registar so far. Much more pleasant to deal with than other registrars I've dealt with in the past (admittedly my experience with registrars has been limited but this is still the best one I've used). Their site is pretty clean and reasonably easy to navigate, and they aren't annoying about trying to upsell you on all sorts of stuff you don't want or need. (They do offer other services, but they don't shove them in your face or try to trick you into buying them when all you really want is a domain). It's only been about a day since I made the purchase but I'm very happy so far. I don't have any skin in the game as far as they go, I just like to occasionally point out companies that seem to be doing things I like, and so far hover is one of those companies.

Anyway I'll get to more gaming content soon. I've got a follow up entry almost done, hopefully it'll be ready to publish tomorrow.